Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sundays at Three - Silverlake Wine

Last Sunday Mark (Cole's PE Buffet friend) and his woman/my HS buddy headed out to Silverlake Wines for their Sunday tastings. For $20 you get to taste 4-5 feature wines and wine is paired with an hor d'oevre that compliments and/or represents the wine's region.

This weekend's Sunday Tasting was a very special one. This week Dan Mattern, former chef de cuisine at A.O.C., Roxana Jullapat, former pastry chef at Lucques and A.O.C., and Elizabeth Belkind, former pastry chef at Grace Restaurant came to showcase some of their stuff for their up-and-coming restaurant in Los Feliz. It was a lot of yum stuff!

Round 1
We were late. We missed out on some Gougeres and Rosé.

Round 2
Round 2 was super yummy. The Chardonnay was perfectly soft and dry to go with the seared albacore. Nice pairing. Except I do not like celery. Celery chutney is no good for Jeni.
Seared albarcore with Citrus and Celery Chutney
paired with White Rock Chardonnay 2002/Napa

Round 3
The Bresaola (beef prosciutto) toasts were really good. Except when beets and blood orange bits were rolling down my arm. Not cool Jeni. The Green Truck Pinot was really too young. For $40/bottle...no thank you!
Bresaola Toasts with Beets, Blood Oranges and Almonds
paired with Green Truck Pinot Noir 2004/Napa

Round 4
Round 4 was interesting. The camembart and Tempranillo (Spain's noble grape) went well together. But the Camembart hor d'oevre was a bit too rich and sweet for my liking. I ended up eating the oat biscuit sans the Camembart and fig marmalade.
Camembart Le Chatelin, Dried Fig Marmalade and Oat Biscuit
paired with Parador Tempranillo 2003/Napa

Round 5
Round 5 was my favorite. The hand-dipped truffles were delicious! Wine and chocolate is heavenly. Roxana Jullapat said they even infused the ganache filling with some of the paired Chats du Monde. Yummm!
Hand-dipped truffles infused with Chats du Monde
paired with Behrens and Hitchhock "Chats du Monde" 2003/Napa

Good times at Silverlake Wines. I'll be back on a Monday night, three wines served with cheese from the Cheese Store of Silverlake for $12. Yum!

Tasting at Silverlake Wine just made us super hungry. We ran back to the car to stuff our faces with some Sweet sticky rice & mango we picked up at Wat LA beforehand. Afterwards, we all headed to Sushi Komasa for some oishii Sunday sushi!

I liked my Sunday!

Silverlake Wines
2395 glendale blvd
los angeles, ca 90039
(323) 662-9024


Colleen Cuisine said...

I really like Silverlake Wines... I think it's one of the best wine shops in L.A. They're really friendly, have good prices, and every bottle they recommend to me is dynamite.

I've even stopped browsing when I go there now. I just walk in and ask, "what's good?" and they send me home with a bottle (or 5) of something delicious.

Jeni said...

For reals Colleen, Silverlake Wines is really nice. I want to go on Monday night for some yummy cheese too. I'll be back soon. Let me know if you and Mr. Gage ever want to go!

rick james said...

hey jeni!

was great to finally meet everyone!

hey, i just went to Silverlake Wines last night... it was pretty crowded, but the wines were excellent... slightly better than Charles Shaw... ;p

next time bring your mom!

Jeni said...

Hey DCCF...I'm glad you gotto go to Silverlake Wines. They've gotta great selection.

Wasn't it so fun meeting everyone! What a cool crew! I might bring my mom next time, well we'll see. She talks way too much!

BoLA said...

Mmm......wine.....cheese....... hahah... looks absolutely yummy! Although I'm not a big fan of celery either. ;P Can't wait to read your write up of Musha's delights.

briana said...

Oh my god that loos like an awesome tasting. You've got great pix , btw :)

Jeni said...

Kristy...I love wine and cheese! And I can't wait to read the first Musha write up by YOU! I'm waiting!

Briana...it was an awesome tasting. I just moved out to Silverlake this week, so expect me there more often! I wish my pictures came out clearer. I had my baby tripod with me, but I didn't want to bust it out. ('o') Thanks for reading!

Colleen Cuisine said...

Haahaa. I think we are all waiting on who will be the first to break the seal on the Musha blog. Not me!! I didn't even bring my camera!

Jeni said...

CC...hahah...I feel like the Musha Outing is a Jr. High Dance. Everyone wants to dance, but we're all waiting for that first person to start the Electric Slide to break the ice.

rick james said...

hey guys, no pressure on me to do the Musha outing, you've already seen all none of my restaurant posts...

its all you jeni!!! ha ha...

Jeni said...

DCCF...write the review so we can all write!!!


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