Thursday, April 06, 2006

La Verne's Deli

I used to LOOOOVE maps when I was little. I got my first Thomas Guide at the age of 9 and ended up spending hours and hours studying the streets of Los Angeles. My geekiness didn't stop there. When I got to college, my friend got me the Thomas Guide Millenium Edition...OOOOOH. My roommates made fun of me for my love of maps. I just laughed back whenever they called me when they got stuck in traffic and needed the quickest detour. Haaah.

Nowadays, I feel like I've lost my general sense of LA direction. I blame it all on the online maps because now when I search for directions, I just get directions for getting from point A to point B. With such convenience/laziness, I rarely look at my Thomas Guide anymore. I looooved jumping from page to page looking at where streets lead to and testing my navigational skills.

So on Friday while I was at Bayou Grille in Inglewood, I just couldn't think of the fastest way to LAX. Fortunately, I was sitting next to a very very sweet man named Isaac. While waiting for our takeouts, Isaac gave me the fastest directions to LAX and then went on to tell me about his life growing up in Louisiana, a summary and evaluation of his wife's cooking, why he loved Bayou Grille, and finally told me about his deli...La Verne's Deli and Edible Sweets! This is why I love South LA...people still dialogue.

Well, I finally made it to La Verne's Deli. La Verne's Deli is located on the NW corner of La Brea and Coliseum. The place is a great healthy-ish alternative to all the "you buy we fry" and clog up my artery soul food joints around town. Their menu is simple... sandwiches, salads, and cakes.

Well, I didn't get to see Isaac or his wife that day, but the people working were really helpful. They really wanted me to get their Chinese Chicken salad sandwich, but I really wanted was something hot. Instead, I ordered their second most popular sandwich, the turkey meatloaf! My friends are probably saying, "Turkey??? Jeni chose turkey over beef!" Yea, I don't know why I chose turkey, I guess I just wanted to see how someone can marvel up ground turkey meat.

Turkey meatloaf, you deserve so much more.
The turkey meatloaf was really good. Tasty, juicy, flavorful, and most importantly...not over ketchup'd. The sad thing was that they paired up this knockout beauty with just regular white sandwich bread. There's so much potential to this sandwich. Sniff. It just breaks my heart.
La Verne's Lemon Cake
I also got some lemon cakes because I really could not pass up all the oishii-so (yummy-looking) cakes displayed. The Lemon Cake was really refreshing. Cream cheese icing, lemony custard, and moist cake! The one thing I didn't care to much for were the white chocolate pieces. Because the chocolate pieces were yellow, I kept hoping that they would be lemony...but they weren't. That was so unecessary!

Back to maps, I think this wall map is the coolest! Thanks Isaac for helping get to LAX in 10 minutes!

La Verne's Deli & Sweet Edibles
3745-D S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90016
(323) 299-0012


eatdrinknbmerry said...

Well if you're the President of the Map Club, then I'm your Vice President. For some strange reason, I liked looking at maps too when I was younger. I'd make my parents take me to the local Triple AAA so that I could stock up on maps. Before I had access to adult literature, these babies were hanging up in my room haha.

Anyway, one day I'll have to go down to South LA and try one of the Soul Food joints you seem to know a lot about.

NuttinButGlutton said...

You must be my soulmate. First Tommys, then you ditch your kids for fried chicken, then wings. Damn....I'm sounding like a cyber-stalker. Really, I'm normal.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Don't you hate poorly constructed sandwiches? That big daddy meatloaf would certainly be more comfortable snuggled up between two thick and lightly toasted slices of some hearty country white or potato bread! You're right- it, and YOU, deserve more;)

Colleen Cuisine said...

I am obsessed with maps too - I particularly love public transportation maps. One of my favorites is the New York City Subway (I have this cool laminated wallet-size version). I love to plan out routes to different places... even though it's been a couple years since I've been back there.

rick james said...

hey jen,

was trying to read the freakin' AVIS map for chicago all weekend long, but it kicked our ass... have to admit, we would have been much worse had we not had it, but my spatial skills are severely lacking..."uh, yeah.. i think we're going north... maybe not?"

i read somewhere that taxi drivers use their brain more than any other occupation... cause they are breathing GPS systems and have to figure out when, how and which way to go from memory... maybe you should do some moonlighting?

Kelli said...

I love maps too! I think it has something to do with being able to finally see the big picture, above our normal closed off view from the ground. I also love subway and transit maps, and can spend a ridiculous amount of time just trying to find the shortest route between too points. Colleen Cuisine and I could probably tell you 45 different ways to get everywhere in NYC! Fun stuff. Nerdy, but fun :)

Jeni said...

Oh WOW...I didn't think other map-nerds existed. Map-nerds/ rare is that???

Dylan...You not only make your parents help you with your catering gig, but at a very young age, you had them driving you around for maps! Awesome. Let me know when you come out to S. LA for Soul Food.

Greg...soulmate??? Maybe just food buddies.

Tokyoastrogirl...I can't take poorly constructed sandwiches! The bread is everything!!!

Colleen...I feel you on the subway maps! I also had a large one of Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe) when I was living there. I loved finding the cheapest/fastest routes! Sooo fun. But I wasn't as cool as you, mine wasn't laminated.

DCCF...I think taxi drivers are awesome! One of my jobs required me to do in-home visits. I had to visit kids from the valley, to hollywood, to west la. Man, that was the best! I wasn't a taxi driver, but I had to get from point A to B as fast as I could. That pressure made it an awesome navigational-skill job!'s definitely nice to get the big picture and not feel so lost. I think it's knowing what to expect in new destinations! haha. Map-nerds are the coolest!!!

Jasmine said...

Hey I work at La Verne's Deli! I love it there. The food is great. It is rated "A", it's clean, and healthy. The Chicken Salad is the MOST popular. They Turkey Avocado Sandwich is also great. The best part of all is almost everything is cooked there! Homeade potato salad to the peach cobbler, to the chicken salad. This is a great lunch spot to go to. So hope to see you there!!!

Julia said...

on Monday, 2/26/07 I came to work expecting to order breakfast from LaVerne's Deli, and what did I find...They had moved in the middle of the night, lock, stock, and barrel!!! Not even a notice that they were moving. I still hold a gift card ... they didn't even leave a forwarding address. I think that was in bad taste, bad business tactics. I work 3 doors down from the Deli, and everyone in the office patronized her establishment. What a cold way to leave!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to contact the owners of La Vernes Deli? Just wondering if they re-opened in another location or if they are running a catering business from home.


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