Monday, March 20, 2006

Jeni in SF Part I: Big brother's birthday gifts

I went up to SF last weekend to spend time with my brother to celebrate his 29th birthday. Yaaay!

Here's my brother Jeremy at his new pad. His place is so cute. He lives in the converted garage of this cute home in the Sunset District. His backyard is super cool too. He's got so much room for a garden and outdoor patio. Luuucky!

The birthday gifts I got him were all spectacular! Being the awesome little sister that I am, I brought up some Tommy's Chilicheeseburgers and I got him the panini grill he's been asking for.

I guarantee you'll get through the airport security lines
quicker when you carry a bag of Tommy's burgers on your flight.

Krups Panini Press
So the question for the day is: What do you get when you give someone Tommy's burger and a Panini machine?

Introducing the Panini'd Tommy's Burger

The Panini'd Tommy's Burger experience

This Tommy's burger was amazing. I'm telling you, panini'ing the Tommy's burger created a nicely textured crispy bun which perfectly clothed the warm chili, meat and cheese. My brother and I had so much fun making our Ultimate Tommy Burger. We haven't been this giddy for a long time. I think this excitement is up there with the time we got to see Ghostbusters in 1984. Making the Panini'd Tommy's Burger will be added as another great brother & sister memory.

For his birthday dinner, we headed to Burma Superstar for what we were told is to be some of the yummiest Burmese food in SF. Burma Superstar is located on Clement Street, my brother's favorite street . Clement Street has tons and tons of good eats! Anyways, we got to Superstar around 8 and ended up waiting for about 1 1/2 hours! I heard that the average wait for dinner at Superstar is an hour. They don't take reservations at this tiny restaurant, but you can call to put your name on the waiting list. We should of done that. But it's ok, the food at Burma Superstar is worth it!
Rainbow Salad~4 types of homemade noodles, green papaya,
tofu, dried onions, dried shrimp, and tamarind sauce

Burma Superstar Speciality Shrimp Curry

Beef Kebat~flank steak with onions, tomatoes,
green chile, and mint leaves

Platha~Indian influenced pan fried layered bread

The Rainbow Salad was ok. It reminded me of bun...nothing spectacular. My brother loved the Beef Kebat. I thought it was ok, again, nothing spectacular. The Burma Superstar curry shrimp was my favorite dish out of everything we got. The shrimps were cooked to perfection. The platha was also very yummy. I love anything fried! So, the shrimp and platha made my 1 1/2 wait worth it! Anyways, from what I hear, Mandaley Restaurant, another Burmese restaurant nearby that is a lot better and less crowded. But for now, Burma SuperStar...I love it!

Burma Superstar
309 Clement Street
San Francisco, Ca 94118
(415) 387-2147
11am-9:30pm Mon - Thurs (closed 3:30-5)
11am-10pm Fri & Sat (closed 4-5)
11am-9:30pm Sun (closed 4-5)
*call to get your name on the waiting list ahead of time.


Colleen Cuisine said...

panini-ing a Tommy burger... who'da thought?!? that looks REALLY tasty and decadent.

hmm, what else can one panini? in-n-out perhaps?

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Jeni, that's hilarious. I would so do that to a Fatburger filled with Chili and Fried eggs. Mmmm... arteries.

Damn, I wanted to try Burma Superstar when I was up in SF. Heard good things from all the hipster people there.

Nice post!

Daily Gluttony said...

yum, a panini'd tommy burger sounds so good! what a nice lil' sis you are!

i gots ta try me some burma superstar next time i'm in the city.

Kirk said...

Hi Jeni - Man you are sooo creative....A "To-nini"! Whod've thunk of that.....

Jeni said...

Colleen...your idea of panini'ing an In-N-Out burger is awesome. I love how you think outside of the box. The Tommy Panini burger came only after being inspired by you blowtorching the lil' Peeps bunnies. Thanks girl.

Dylan...a fatburger sounds great too! MMMMM! You should butter the buns too! I hope you get to go to Burma Superstar the next time you're in SF. YUMMM!

Pam...there are times my brother really likes me as his sister. But I think he's getting tired of waiting 10 minutes for me to take all my food shots. I'm surprised he was so patient through the panini'ed tommy burger photo shoot. I must of taken over 20 pictures. Oh...and I think you'll love Burma Superstar! I've gotto check out if we have any Burmese joints down here.

Kirk...I love your "To-nini". about "Pa-tommy's"???

rick james said...

jeni, i thought it was pretty hilarious when you had the wine with the tommy burger, but this is even better...
you should start a hundred different things to do with a tommy burger..uhhh, maybe not with you in charge that could be pretty scary... lol!!!!!!

hey, how come no love for tommy's chili dogs???

eatdrinknbmerry said...

jeni, you should just do a whole "Panini" series. where you experiment with different types of food like...

banh mi's...

haha. that panini grill is $100+, make that thing work it's ass off for you.

Jeni said...

Dietchilicheesefries...haha...I'm sure I can find numerous ways to bougie up a Tommy's Burger. know I've never had a Tommy's chilidog!!! ANd I LOOOOOVE chilicheese dogs! Do you know what brand of hot dogs they use? My personal favorite chili dogs are from Carney's and Pinks. I'll try the dog next time.

Dylan...the sad thing is, the panini grill is up in SF with my brother. I'm thinking about having him get me one for my birthday. Thanks for the series suggestions...keep'em coming. The bahn mi sounds like a great idea. Man...I really want a panini grill of my own! Endless possibilities!!! Haha, you should bring your own panini machine to one of your Iron Chef battles!

Tokyoastrogirl said...

What a great idea!!! Mu husband used to take King Taco to his parents when he'd go visit them in Marin....I bet a panini'd King Taco Asada Burrito would be off the hook- actually, you should start a "Panini'd Series" and see what various food tastes like. Maybe start a blogger event and give us all the challenge?

Anyway, that Tommy's looks mouthwatering. In fact it looks better than regular Tommy's.

elmomonster said...

What a way to make something good and make it great! I think I might try this on my George Foreman.

Big Brudda said...

Dang Jen, didn't think we would end up starting a "Panini Revolution." I like how we turned "panini" into a verb, as in "I panini'd a Tommy burger." This gotta be another great moment in culinary history, alongside the creation of the CORN DOG.

Jeni said...

Tokyoastrogirl...MMM...panini'd burrito sounds insane! I think we're gonna have to start a Panini Challenge. The possibilities of greatness are endless! Oh and yes, the panini'd Tommy's tasted way better than a regular Tommy's.

Elmomonster...DO IT!

Big brudda...Jeremy, thank you for being so patient with me when we did this. I thought you were gonna get cranky that I was taking so many pictures. Anyways, I had soooo much fun! Jer...TWINKIES???

NuttinButGlutton said...

I think I love you. Panini'd Tommy's Chili cheese. Pure genius and the only way to break in the panini grill.

Jeni said...

Thanks Greg...if you made something comparable to a panini'd Tommy's I think I'd love you too.

Anonymous said...

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