Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jeni in SB

OOH Bachelorette Party in Santa Barbara and I'm in charge of food. Yessssss! It was an awesome weekend of yummy food, wine, my favorite Brie, lifelong undergrad friends, and beautiful weather in picturesque Santa Barbara.

South Coast Deli was recommended by my wine mentor girlfriend who went to UCSB for school. When it comes to food and wine, this girl knows it all. Anyways, for pre-winetasting picnic food, she sent us here to South Coast Deli, which is located north of Downtown SB. The place is huge for a deli. I'd say they use 30 % of the store for their deli and the rest is for random gifts and greeting cards.

After getting our sandwiches, my girlfriends were begging to eat their food in the car. But like my Vietnamese mama, I yelled back, "NO", because the plan was to eat up at the vineyards. "Trust me, it'll taste better up there!" Now, if you have been reading this blog, you can probably tell that I don't require the 'atmosphere' as a component to a great eating experience. However, if I can choose between eating in a SUV and eating atop the hills of Los Olivos...I'd choose Los Olivos.
They were happy that I made them wait.

This was my weekend highlight.

Mark's Panini
Mark's Panini from South Coast Deli is a glorious concoction of chicken breast, garlic-tobasco mayo, hot pepper jack cheese, green chile, and red onions! This sandwich was amazing! It was so beautiful and carefully crafted. I'm still thinking about this sandwich....OISHII yo! I also ordered a greek salad...which was yummy too. But I didn't take any pictures of that because I got too caught up with my panini.

Rouge et Noir Triple Creme Brie is my favorite. It's so soft, buttery, and sweet! This stuff kept us sane while we went through 20 glasses of wine. I didn't know that this Californian baby won the World Brie Championship. Go California cheese. I guess we really do have happy cows.

We celebrated our girlfriend's bachelorette party at Ca' Dario. Good choice Jeni! It's such a cute little restaurant east of State Street. Luckily we made reservations and were seated immediately upon arrival. Other people gave us just gave us dirty looks as they waited in the crisp cold. Make reservations before you go!

Osso bucco con risotto
I've been craving Osso Bucco since Pam from Daily Gluttony wrote about making osso bucco for Valentine's Day. The osso bucco was delish, but the risotto was overwhelming and filled up my stomach quick. Boo. Well, at least I had left-overs to take home. Left-overs always makes me happy. I actually wished I ordered some pasta dishes. All my friends' pasta dishes were really yummy. I'll definitely come back for some pasta. I'll stay away from the bloating risotto.

Now, I have a general rule for Cajun/Creole food outside of the hood. And it's, --Don't eat Cajun/Creole food outside of the hood.-- So when I heard that Cajun Kitchen served the best breakfast in town, I had my doubts. The menu is pretty extensive. It covers your typical breakfast items--eggs, omelets, pancakes. Then after 11pm, they offer sandwiches and a pretty good selection of Cajun specialities.

Meet beautiful Shrimp Dianne
I loved having shrimp perfectly sauteed in a spicy butter sauce over rice for Sunday Brunch. For $6.50, Sunday couldn't get any better. My dish proved that there can be good creole/cajun grub outside the hood. WARNING: There's a grip of butter in this bad girl dish!

Our first winetasting stop was at Firestone Vineyard. Although I don't really care for Firestone wine, or just haven't found anything I like yet, to taste at Firestone and it's sister winery Curtis is a good deal. For $7, you can taste at both wineries and even take home their Reidel tasting glass. I can't complain. The winery inside was dusky and overly quiet. I feel like you got to be bougie to fit in this place. But aside from that, our pourer, I think his name was Artis, was really sweet to us...especially after I was snooping behind the counter for some Late Harvest Reisling.

Next stop was Curtis Winery down the rode. I like tasting at Curtis so much more than Firestone. Vivaciously alive and lit, Curtis has the reputation for being the fun place to taste. After snooping behind the counter, I found some Carlson Pinot Noir--my favorite Pinot so far. Our pourer laughed at me for snooping and poured us some Carlson. MMMM!

Last wine stop was at Fess Parker (aka Davy Crockett) Winery. As you walk towards the winery, you'll pass a lot of 'happy' people hanging outside with their raccoon hat engraved tasting glasses and recently purchased wines.

Can you see all the 'happy' people?

Good-bye from Santa Barbara and Los Olivos!

South Coast Deli
185 S. Patterson Avenue
Santa Barbara, Ca 91331
(805) 967-8226
7am-6pm Mon-Fri
10am-4pm Sat
Closed Sundays

Ca' Dario
37 East Victoria St.
Santa Barbara, Ca 91331
(805) 884-8226

Cajun Kitchen
901 Chapala St.
Santa Barbara, Ca 91331
(805) 965-1004

Firestone Vineyard
5017 Zaca Station Road
Los Olivos, Ca 93441
(805) 688-3940
Tasting: 10-5 daily

Curtis Winery
5249 Foxen Canyon Road
Los Olivos, Ca 93441
(805) 686-8999
Tasting: 10-5 daily

Fess Parker
6200 Foxen Canyon Road
Los Olivos, Ca 93441
(805) 688-1545
Tasting: 10-5 daily


eatdrinknbmerry said...

Ever since watching Sideways, I've been wanting to take a day trip up there to either do the movie tour or just hangout on a hill and get trashed. I bet the weather was really nice that day.

Hey, is that girl all the way to the right in the group photo named Irene? All of a sudden, you're looking really familiar haha. I bet I've seen you at the Commons or Cornerstone haha. Nice posting, jeni.

Jeni said...

Hey EDNBM...I love SB. It's a really nice & quick getaway. So many wineries to visit!

And yes...that is Irene. Those are my Tomo No Kai girls. We were all on cabinet '97-'98. Crazy! Oh snap...the Commons!!! That was so long ago!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

a-ha, tomo no kai. i remember the drum club that caused traffic into the student center haha.

Kirk said...

Hi Jeni - Wow, talk about energetic. A handstand after all those eats and wine! I'd be supine staring up at the sky......

Ng Wai Mun, Paul said...

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Paul, the owner of, I started this weblog recently to showcase a recipe a day everyday. I was wondering would you be interested to be a recipe contributor?

Regards. Paul.

Jeni said...

Kirk...we are not energetic. I don't know where we got that energy from in that picture. All of us, except our driver knocked out on our ride back from Los Olivos. Wine coma.

Ng Wai Mun...good luck on your new site. If I have anything good, I'll send it over.

Anonymous said...

Awww.....I miss hanging out with the girls. Yea...that's me to the right. :)~irene


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