Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pollo ala Brasaaaaaaaa!

Man...I love love love the anticipation of eating at a new joint. "EEEEK" was the squeaky sound that went through my head when I saw the sign.
Welcome to Pollo a la Brasa!

You can't miss this place. Located on the SE corner of 8th St and Western next to the car wash with tons of firewood on the side. Stacks and stacks of wood reminds me of Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ. That's a good sign.

They ain't no fake n' bake.

Whole chicken plus a side of rice and beans (or fries and salad) for $12.98.

That is some sexy chicken skin! Wow...this chicken probably the moistest and most tender rotisserie chicken I've ever had. I still can't distinguish the spices used. Definitely not your typical paprika and cayenne rot. chicken. The woodfire adds some smoky love. Unlike Zankou, there is no legendary garlic sauce. I've gotten so used to eating chicken with my garlic sauce. Fortuntately, they do give you this spicy green Peruvian salsa that has a nice lingering kick. Kinda smells like grass...but when the heat kicks in...tastes soo good.

I couldn't help but noticing the maneki neko's (lucky cats) and shoyu. Man...the guy behind the counter running things sure looked Japanese. I ended up talking to him and found out that he was from Okinawa. Matayoshi-san...he was so sweet. Okinawans get really excited when we meet other Okinawans.

Speaking Japanese in a Peruvian chicken joint in the middle of Koreatown. I love LA!

Pollo ala Brasa
764 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 382-4090
11am-10pm Wed-Mon

For you beeflovers...they also serve beef hearts on a skewer for $5.49 and a NY steak for $7.43.


rick james said...

mmmm.... looks pretty tender, not dry... need to check it out...

for those who haven't been...Mario's Peruvian on Melrose, is no joke, you should check it out..... i prefer it to the El Pollo Inca chain or any other Peruvian place in L.A. any day..... you know its good to cause there's always a wait at the place

Jeni said...

Yea...I will check out Mario's one day. I've only had it as leftovers, which was good...but I need the real deal. I pass by that place everyday too. Thanks Dietchilicheesefries.

yoony said...

i love pollo a la brasa! the aji with the chicken is addicting. i tried to take a picture of their rotisserie once and was promptly put down by the girl (the daughter?) who works there. my mouth is watering now. i better go get some chicken. yummy post!

~jules~ said...

Hi Jenni?
I've heard a lot about u from Laurie (Yeh)...but she keeps telling me to go to your Oishi site cuz she said it's something that i would enjoy - and boy oh boy was she ever right!!~ hehehe...i just wanted to say your site is WICKED and i'd give u a billion eprops if this was xanga~~...
i too take pics of everything i eat - and annie (i think u met her w/ laurie) is my partner in crime with that~ hahah....i hope that i can come down sometime soon to visit n check out all those super yummy places u reviewed!!~ *^^* bon appetite!~ hehe

Jeni said...

Yoony...I just read your review of Pollo a la Brasa. Sweet. OHHH..and I love Pollo Campero too. I had it the first time in Panorama City a couple of years ago and it was sooo fresh! That chicken has an awesome kick. When I was flying through San Salvador this summer, there were tons of families with their Pollo Campero chicken boxes. Sooooo jealous!

Jules...haha..I heard so much about you. Girl...I heard you can eat. Too bad we live so far away from each other! If you ever come down...I'll meet up with you and Annie and we can get our grub on! I love you Canucks!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Jeni, i still haven't tried this place. Would you say it's on the same taste level as Zankou Chicken. I've been to Pollo Campero when it first opened in 2002 and endured the long wait. It wasn't bad. You really know the good eats in LA.

Write soon about Mario's. It's one of the places I love in LA as well. I recommend the Lomo Saltado (beef/french fry stir fry). Before you eat there, you should read up on some reviews on it so you understand how french fries and soy sauce got mixed into Peruvian cuisine. I believe Yoony wrote a nice posting on it. But there was some other site that got into the history behind it all.

Jeni said...'ve been thinking about Pollo a la Brasa and Zankou for days now. Dang...because Pollo a la Brasa has such a smoky savor, it is really hard to compare it to Zankou. Zankou is still hands down my favorite chicken joint. But texture-wise, Pollo a la Brasa is tops...juicy and flavorful. I'm still getting used to a rotisserie with so much smoky love.

Mario and I need to hook up! I pass by Mario's EVERYDAY! Also, my bro used to give me his Lomo Saltado left-overs...but I know I need to go in for the real deal. I'll read up on the background. I love finding out the background to my meals. Thanks food bro...I'll get out there soon!

Jonah said...

That place looks to be right up my alley, great write up. Smokey chicken, yum!

anchoveta said...

Please stop the torture !!! I`m a peruvian in Frisco and can not find a decent pollito a la brasa (we peruvians tend to talk in litle) the only place close is called Fresca`s, they have 3 places; they make the novoandina kitchen, I like better traditional or "criollo".
Nice blog.

Anthony Wilson said...

Pollo a la Brasa gets my vote!
It's unbelievable.... the best roast chicken in LA....
I put it right up there with Zuni Cafe in SF, and Chez L'Ami Louis in Paris.... It is the REAL DEAL!

Anonymous said...

alas, the nobu of chicken........


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