Monday, January 09, 2006

You got dat soul glo....

Back to school (haha...Adam Sandler...with his lunchbox...and shoes tied tight...nevermind). Yes, winter vacation is over. Baaah! My kindergartners were super cute today, with their new haircuts, and missing teeth. We had a good day back. Today I had the kids draw a picture of what they got for Christmas. Unfortunately, my kids found my picture extremely hilarious. I told them I got new pajamas and they cracked up. What??? Teachers aren't allowed to get new pajamas??? Then I went on and shared that I got new silicone cooking tools. SILENCE. Nevermind...I don't care about your gifts either!

I'm back in South LA...LA's culinary soooooooouuul! I work in Leimert Park, and within miles are tons and tons of hidden gems. Harold and Belles, M&M's Soul Food, Dulan's, Stevie's on the Strip and Phillip's BBQ...mmmmm.

The best peach cobbler I've had so far comes from The Cobbler Lady!

Cobbler Lady staff awaits you.

How to eat a Cobbler Lady Cobbler: 1) You HAVE TO eat this peach cobbler with vanilla ice-cream. YUMMMY! 2) If you choose to eat your cobbler there, make sure you run Rite Aid or Ralph's across the street and bring yo' own ice-cream. They don't have ice-cream there and they're ok with you bringin your own. 3) You can take the cobbler home because it'll stay warm for hours. But make sure they cut a little hole on top so that the crust doesn't get soggy. The staff usually does it without asking...but just in case they forget...make sure to remind them.

At home with my flaky crusted peach cobbler and ice-cream. Look at it glow! You can even see the special spices on the peaches. So distinct. It's so perfect with vanilla ice-cream. OISHII (yummy)!!!

What could make this cobbler even better? Doh how I wish they would used fresh peaches. Man if the peaches weren't canned it would be perfect.

IMG_3031 I was eye-hungry and got a red velvet cupcake too. It was moist but the frosting wasn't as creamy as I'm used to. I still think the best Red Velvets are at Phillip's BBQ. I'll be there soon!

The Cobbler Lady
3854 Crenshaw Blvd. (in Crenshaw Square between 39th St and Coliseum)
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 298-2144

*For you Splenda addicts: Splenda Peach & Apple cobblers are available on Wednesdays. Splenda Cherry and Blackberry cobblers gotto be orderded 24-hours in advance.

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Sylvie said...

Looks good. You have discovered that South L.A. has some kick a** plces to dine. Welcome to my cooking world :>


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