Friday, January 27, 2006

Good news...bad news.

Which one first. Ok...bad news:
Bad news is that I received a letter from my doctor saying I have HIGH CHOLESTEROL and she has put me on a HEALTHY diet. What the heck! Baaaah. On the list of foods I can eat are things like vegetables and grains and that's all I can really remember. Pretty much no beef, nothing fried, no coffee. I mean, I knew that my all meat/eat whatever you want lifestyle would catch up to me. But not when I'm 27! My friends and family are just cracking up right now. Anyways, fortunately I've been creative in the kitchen and have managed to still enjoy dinners. My deal to myself is to eat healthy during the week and rewards like tacos and cravings on the weekends.

The good news:
The good news is that the transitioning has been good. My friend Laurie from Vancouver is in town and it is time to reward myself. Laurie and I met in Osaka while we were teaching on the JET Programme. We pretty much ate and shop are way around every part of there's lots of eating history. Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, tonkotsu ramen, shu creams, and KOBE beef kinda history. So she's here to chill, shop and EAT!

Taco Miendo! (Thanks LA Taco Review!)

Miendo's asada
Asadas were on point. Tortillas were on point. It was one of those, "DAAAAANG, that was good" kinda taco.

Pastors were dry.


Too bad the pastors and carnitas didn't live up to the asadas. The asadas and their tortillas were awesome!

Taco Miendo
4502 Inglewood Blvd.
(310) 915-0426
9:30am-10:00pm daily


rick james said...

nice blog... that really sucks about the cholesterol thing, but seems like you have a good game plan

so hey, the tommy's and wine thing works... cept gotta change from a riesling to red wine cause it helps with the gunky yellow junk better

Julie t. said...

I love your blog! It's funny and entertaining and...damn? I really value knowing where to find a kick-ass asada taco. And you're a kindergarten teacher too? How cool is that? Keep it up!!

Jeni said...

Thanks Dietchilicheesefries! I will mos def try a Tommy's burger with red wine. I think I might try it with some Zinfandel! Love your profile pic by the way!

Julie T...I love teaching Kindergarten...they are so random. I'll try and share more stories. Also for tacos...check out The Great Taco Hunt and LA Taco Review...those homies are hard-core.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Hi Jeni, I actually went for a cholesterol test and I KNOW it's going to be high because I'm obviously a glutton in this particular blogosphere. It's gonna be tough omitting all the goodies and resorting to boring meals of tofu, garbanzo beans and fruit. *sigh*

Wine is definitely a good trick in prolonging life - look at the french, japanese and italians. A glass a day lets you live another a day. haha.

Jeni said...

EDNBM...haha...I bet all food bloggers have high cholesterol! thing that I can have everyday is a glass of red AND white wine. Yesssssss!

Hope for low scores bro!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

No way, my cholesterol scores are gonna be higher than my SAT's.


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