Saturday, January 07, 2006

Friday night with Tommy

Every now and then, in the middle of the night, I'll wake up to a Tommy's craving. I'm sure you've had it...well...maybe not in the middle of the night. But if you've ever had a Tommy's burger, you know what I'm talking about. Anyways, tonight I finally got to fill my craving with a simple Tommy's cheeseburger.'s soo beautiful. My favorite part of the photo is the cheese melting on the chili.

Hmm...I think I should pair my Tommy's with some Riesling. The pairing was a good match. The HaveMeyer has hints of apples and goes well with the chilis. I know people are probably thinking, "Who pairs wine with Tommy's? Who does that?" I do...and I like it.

Tommy's with Coke vs. Tommy's with Riesling...that debate is still rolling in my mind. Coke and even a orange soda can definitely break down the grease with its high carbonation. However, a Riesling plays well with the hot, yet slightly sour chilis. I dunno mans.

The Original Tommy's
Roscoe at 405
(818) 893-1715

HaveMeyer Riesling 2003
@ Trader Joes


Daily Gluttony said...

You go girl, for pairing a Tommy burger with Riesling!!! Nuttin' better than a little ghetto w/ a little gourmet, I say.

BTW, great blog! I love seeing more LA food blogs out there! ;)

Jeni said...

I call it BOU-GHETTO...bougie but ghetto!

BoLA said...

Yes Jeni! Great LA Food blog...funny how we all be of an Asian flavor, eh? hahah! Anywho, Tommy's with wine? Too funny! I won't say what the burger looks like, but I had to stop eating them chili burgers a while back. Had some bad chili with some insect protein. ;P

Kirk said...

Hi Jeni - I'm really enjoying your Food Blog - would have never thought of matching wine with Tommy's! LOL! If you over indulge you'd get a deadly twosome - Heartburn and a Hangover.....

bertelle said...

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