Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cardoza Truck - Out of asadas and pastors? How could you???

This blog is dedicated to God's gift for our sense of taste. Hallelujah for taste receptor cells!

I love food...and I'll love it forever. My one wish in life is to have a higher metabolism so I can eat like a guy. My stomach space and ability to break down massive amounts of food is limited. So instead, I try (key word is try) to make sure that every meal is worth it's time, drive, and expense. I like geeky things, especially those related to food and cooking. Alton Brown is my hero. I love love love anything fried or cooked with butter and/or cream! I don't care for chain restaurants...so don't expect me to summarize meals at Olive Garden. I'm not a food snob...I just love and appreciate mom and pops over chains. I'm also not a fan of Rachel Ray...she talks too much and I can't stand her. You know you feel the same, you just don't wanna say it.

Anyways, our first food venture for 2006 goes out to the Cardoza Taco Truck on Mulholland and Beverly Glen Blvd. The guys at LA Taco Review claim that the Cardoza truck is their top taco. Might as well start with high quality as our point of reference for our future confrontations with tacos in LA.

We got to the truck around 1pm...by then they were all out of asadas, al pastors, AND salsa. BAAAH! How can we do a food review on the Cardoza truck without asadas and pastors??? That's like going to In N' Out and they're out of hamburger meat. The guy taking orders, Miguel offered us carnitas instead. We were so dang hungry and hyped up that it just didn't matter anymore. Miguel felt bad and promised to treat us good the next time we came back. Miguel's a nice guy.

Well here goes our carnitas review...

Pure and simple. No gristle, no fat...just pure carnitas. Overall it was good. I can't give it an outstanding taco mark without it's important salsa component. A taco can only go so far with Tapatio.

Yummy carnitas, today's weather, and eating in the back of my car made our taco venture just perfect. If Amy was a guy, this would have been an awesome date.

Cardoza Truck
east of Fire Station 99
14145 Mulholland Dr.

*There are two other trucks that line Mulholland as well. Cardoza is the truck closest to the Fire Station. Miguel says they're out there starting at 9am. Asada and pastors run out within 3-4 hours.


That lady said...

Excuse me, I said NO AMERICAN CHEESE!!!

Mike A said...

I saw them tortas and wanted one real real bad. Go back for the asada - it's really good.

Mike - AKA Taco Gator @ LA Taco Review

Jeni said...

Yea...the tortas were real good. Fresh bread and quality carnitas.

We definitely will be back for the asada. I've never seen asadas look so good.

muthu said...

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