Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bayou Grille knows what it means to miss New Orleans

I needed a N'awlins fix on Friday so I headed over to Bayou Grille in Inglewood. I haven't been to Bayou Grille for two years too long. The first time I went to Bayou Grille was while I was going to UCLA for grad school. My classmates and advisor gawked at my jambalaya and as they ingested spiritless McD's and Subways. That's what you get for settling for convenient...
Anyways, back to Bayou Grille. Friday night people ran in and out of Bayou Grille for their Friday Night take-outs. There were only a couple of people dining in, including me. I like goin solo for one will give me a hard time for the amount of pictures I take of my food.

I ordered a full shrimp po' boy and asked if he could only put mayo on half of it because I was planning to give my dad the other half. The owner, Michael was so super sweet. When Michael brought out my dinner, he thoughtfully packed my dad's portion separately and said he hoped my dad would enjoy it.
Full o tiger shrimp! (They even pressed the french bread...)

Bayou's po' boy was on point!

As I devoured my po' boy Michael came by and asked if I've ever had gumbo. I replied, "Not here." Then he yelled out, "Why you cheating on me??? I'm gonna get your some of our gumbo." Yesss!
Here's my free gumbo. They throw in the seafood afterwards to make sure each bowl a good portion of crab and shrimp. The gumbo was on point too! Smooth and the spicy kick was long lasting! That small bowl warmed up my entire head instantly!

Crab cakes were packed with blue crab. Daaaang!

Whether you've been to New Orleans or not, hope you get to visit Bayou Grille one day. Michael's definitely got that N'awlins hospitality goin on!

Tiger shrimp po' boy: $9.95
Crab cake: $4 somethin
File' gumbo: free!

Bayou Grille
1400 N. La Brea
Inglewood, Ca 90302
(310) 673-0824

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