Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goodbye Grandpa

J. Afuso

Jack & Elsie Afuso

Heading back to Honolulu tomorrow to say our final farewell to my one and only grandpa.

I miss you already.

Jack Afuso 1912 - 2012.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola 33!

Dinner Menu

Dylan knows how to make me feel special, especially on my birthday. Three years ago he whisked me away to Mexico City (one of my favorite cities in the world) and asked him to marry him. Last year, when we moved to our new home with a backyard, he whipped up a 5-course birthday dinner for me and my closest friends.

This year as my birthday was approaching I asked that we'd keep my birthday low key. "Please no dinner party. No dishes to clean. Ok?"

Dylan didn't listen. He never listens.

Since we just finished our collaborative project with Scout Regalia and now have their beautiful White Oak Table Set in our backyard Dylan has been on dinner party mode ever since. I have to admit, I'm in love with this table. The lines, the craftmanship, the white's all way too beautiful. So, I eventually gave in to a family-style dinner in the back.

A Birthday in June

Jeni's Birthday

DIY Bunting - I will never do it again. Flower arrangement by Gilly Flowers in Silver Lake.

Momo, our Fat Cat

I'd like to introduce Momo. We adopted this guy back in March at Sante D'Or in Atwater Village. We were looking for a "fat cat" and fell in love with him immediately. They said he came from a Dodger Executive. The owner and his wife divorced and he was always on the road. So, fat cat was sent to the shelter. He's very dapper and lazy. He falls asleep on his back and wakes up on our chests. He's a perfect little kid/dog/fat cat.


Farro Salad and "Shirmp & Anson Mills Girts" (We saw Shrimp & Grits mispelled in Austin, and ever since we've been calling Shirmp & Girts)

Dylan made amazing food for my birthday. I don't know how he does it. The amount of dishes for the amount of mouths to feed. I would go crazy and hyperventilate. Dylan on the other hand loves being in the kitchen. Where I am crazy, he is calm. This is why we work.

Snake River Farms Pork Jowls + English Peas

Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork Jowls. My new favorite pork cut. Super marbled, tight chewy texture with a lot of flavor.

Lake Cake Shop Chocolate Ice Box Birthday Cake

Lark Cake Shop's Chocolate Ice Box Cake - Seven-layer cake made with thin chocolate wafers layered with fresh whipped cream and raspberries.

I'm thankful for every year I'm able to live. Not everyone makes it to 33, so you'll never hear me complain that I'm getting old. I hope to grow old with Dylan and the wonderful people I get to call my friends and family. Here's to another year. Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Norococo: Q+A ~ Jeni of Oishii Eats and Dylan of Eat Drink & Be Merry

Pok Pok

Dylan and I were recently interviewed by Sophorn of Norococo, a design | architecture | food blog based out of Memphis, Tennessee. Norococo has become our new favorite blog and we're hoping to visit her out in Memphis sooner than later.

Anyways, check out the interview here.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For the Love of Film

My favorite film cameras

I love film photography. I love the unexpected. I love waiting for my film to develop. Photography is like slow cooking – everything tastes better when it's slow cooked. I have several film cameras {my loves} that I would like to share with you today. Enjoy!

Sakura San Ultra Wide

Let's start off with the Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim camera. I picked up this Sakura San {soft pink Cherry Blossom} when we were in Fukuoka City {Hakata}, Japan last summer and it has been my favorite since then.

This is a remake of the cult classic Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera known for it's portability {it's super light}, ultra wide lens, and vivid results. These new Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim cameras are made at the same factory as the original and features the same wide angle 22m lens. This is a great starter camera for anyone wanting to pick up a cheap plastic film camera.

Sakura San Ultra Wide and Slim

Fez, Morocco. Taken with my Sakura San Ultra Wide & Slim. Fujifilm Superia 400.

Sakura San Ultra Wide and Slim

Roatan, Honduras. Taken with my Sakura San Ultra Wide & Slim. Fujifilm Superia 400.

Hello Kitty Diana MIni

This is my Hello Kitty Diana Mini. Lomography released a special edition Hello Kitty Diana Mini last summer but was only available in Korea. Luckily, Dylan and I had an 11-hour stopover in Seoul, Korea and spent the day looking for this lucky little lady.

I don't know how we found it, but we managed to find this small shop called Toy Camera in the middle of the vintage camera district called Chungmuro in Seoul. If you're ever in Seoul, I highly recommend spending an afternoon in this vintage camera district.

The Hello Kitty Diana Mini was going for $70 USD. You can find the original and still adorable Diana Mini for about $55.

Hello Kitty Diana MIni

My Hello Kitty Diana Mini fits in the palm of my hand. It is an ultra-compact, petite version of the Diana F+ camera and allows you to shoot square format or half-frame pictures using standard 35mm film. The shots I've been getting have a really nice soft color and feel to them. The Diana Mini is a fun find.

Hello Kitty Diana Mini

Hello Kitty Diana Mini

Palm Springs, California. Half-frame pictures taken with my Hello Kitty Diana Mini.

Hello Kitty Diana Mini

Palm Springs, California. Square format picture taken with my Hello Kitty Diana Mini.

Fujifilm Cheki

I bought my Fujifilm Cheki back in 2001 when I first moved to Osaka, Japan. It's nearly 10 years old, but it still takes excellent instant pictures. Everyone loves instant pictures!

Fujifilm Cheki 50

Siem Reap, Cambodia/Luang Prabang, Laos. Taken with my Fujifilm Cheki. Modeling by Dylan Ho.

Fujifilm Cheki 50

Joshua Tree, California. Taken with my Fujifilm Cheki.


This is Dylan's beloved Holga. It kind of became mine when I slapped on some Hello Kitty bandages when the back cover kept popping off. I noticed he's not really shooting with it anymore even since. Plan worked.

If you ever want to start playing with medium-format film, Holga's the best way to start. It is a cheap camera with a plastic body, plastic lens and fixed at 60 mm/f8. The results are beautiful.


Windward Side, Honolulu. Taken with my Holga.


Waimea Beach, Hawaii. Taken with my Holga.


Honolulu, Hawaii. Taken with my Holga.

Canon EOS 1V-HS

Dylan picked up this camera, the Canon EOS 1V-HS a couple of years ago and has been one of our favorite film cameras. This camera looks and feels like a beast but still takes pictures with grace and softness.

Canon Eos 1V

Cooking at home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Taken with our Canon EOS 1V-HS and 50 mm f/1.4.

Contax 645

Dylan bought me this Contax 645 for my birthday last year and I absolutely love it! I love the way this camera feels in my hands. I love bringing the Contax on our trips. The Carl Zeiss lens is absolutely amazing. I can't express how much I love shooting with my Contax 645.

Contax 645

House Spirits/Stumptown Coffee. Portland, Oregon. Taken with our Contax 645. Kodak 220 440VC.

As far as choice of film and development, the fun thing about the "toy" cameras is that you can just have fun and experiment. We usually shoot with Fujifilm Superia 35mm film and develop our prints scanned at Costco. For our medium-format films, we love Fuji Pro 400H film. For superb developing, no one can beat the quality and service Richard Photo Lab. We love working with them.

Long live film!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan, We Love You.

Shinkansen to Hokkaido

After the Fuji Rock Festival, Dylan and I were able to travel to Hokkaido. We took a 9-hour shinkansen train ride from Tokyo and traveled through peaceful inakas (villages). We traveled through Fukushima, Sendai and finally to Hachinohe.

These are a couple of shots I took during our train ride. We slept most of the time, but every now and then I'd wake up and see green fields and a quiet seaside. This is a side of Japan that many people don't get to see.

Northeast Japan no longer looks like this and I am still in denial that this is all gone. I really don't know how to express my emotions to the devastation that Japan has been through in the past week. It's hard for me to even move on and write about our time in Japan. But I hope, in writing about Japan, we can celebrate the country's strength and beauty.

Japan, we love you.

Donate to Japan. Don't forget about Haiti.


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